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I’m so bummed that I missed this. Escape Route is one of my faves, and to have seen it live would have been mind-blowing. Here’s to definitely being on Parahoy 2.

YES! You must come to the next one! :) We’ll hang.

I just thought of how this was the kickoff of the cruise and as this performance was going on the ship set sail and I would glance to the side every once and a while and watch us moving away from the coast and at this point the sunset started coming in and it set just after they got off stage and wow I’m getting emotional this actually happened

You said it. ^ 3 or 4 songs went by before I looked over and went ‘omg we’re moving!’ and it was the greatest and strangest thing, to be on a giant ship moving along the water out to sea as you watch your favorite band play a show right in front of you. Like fuckin’ weird. Like you were in a dream. I can’t wait until it happens again..

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